May 21, 2020 - ZE FRENCH SALON: L'avenir de la Mode

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ZE FRENCH SALON – an online gathering to hone speaking skills in French over a glass of wine (or anything else) and discuss a variety of socio-cultural topics.

“L’avenir de la Mode” – pourquoi la mode passe, mais le style demeure, cette industrie va-t-elle se transformer et quel est le lien avec les technologies? / why fashion passes, but style remains, how is this industry going to transform, and what does it have to do with technologies?

May 21, 2020

Check out video reports from previous events to get a taste of what’s going on:

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Apart from practising this Salon is about a pleasing pastime and “joie de vivre”, so join in with your favourite drink, and invite friends who might be interested! This is intended for an intermediate level of French, so no pressure, and don’t worry about making mistakes.

A bientôt!

*Disclaimer/Avertissement: this online event will be recorded for record-keeping, training purposes, and sharing with the community on digital platforms / cet événement en ligne sera enregistré à des fins de tenue de registres, de formation et de partage avec la communauté sur des plateformes numériques.

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