Rainy Holiday at Home


We recommend a Boulevardier cocktail to accompany your rainy long-weekend adventure (30ml bourbon, 30ml Campari, 30ml red vermouth, orange peel).

LEARN SOME MAGIC: you may use a myriad of video tutorials and articles on the web to learn simple but spectacular tricks. Try them on your family, have some genuine fun, practice, and you’ll be ready to impress your friends when the parties are allowed once again. 

Speaking of the family time, READ ALOUD. Get together, get the drinks ready, and read your favourite stories. What a cozy way to stay in while it’s raining outside!

CREATE A FAMILY TREE: that’s always a great chance to learn more about your family irrespectively of how much you know already. The future generations will be grateful to you as well.

WRITE A LETTER: a real letter, an old school one. Think about the people you missed, and write to them. Include a fun trinket, or an old photo in an envelope with your handwritten note and mail it.

START YOUR MORNING NICE: don’t rush, make sure you slept well, have your favourite drink, and start the day with your favourite hobby. Leave all those productivity concerns for another day.

CONTRARIWISE: do the opposite of what you’d do on a typical day. Have a bath instead of a shower, have a dessert for breakfast followed by watching a movie instead of doing this in the evening. Switch your rituals, and change their order – this will stir up your mind.


PLAN YOUR FUTURE TRIPS: this is the first step that brings you closer to travelling again. You have plenty of time to think through the routes you want to take and things you want to see. Browse, discover, watch documentaries, and get an understanding of what you’re interested in at this time. 

LEARN TO LAY A BEAUTIFUL TABLE: even if you’re dining alone. The long weekend is a good opportunity to experiment with more decadent table settings, to get a holiday feeling and spike your mood.

START READING ALL THOSE BOOKS: those books you bought, and never started.

DEVELOP A GOOD HABIT: or quit a bad one. A nice rainy holiday weekend is a good time for this, especially if you liked the idea of trying to have an opposite day.

BRING THE OUTDOORS IN: more on that in the previous post.

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